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Being surprised by your heating system breaking down is never pleasant. As one of the most-used systems in your home, especially during the winter months, your heater needs routine maintenance. Regularly checking and cleaning your heating unit is what will keep it running smoothly and enable you to catch and repair any potential problems before they result in a system failure. At Mid-Florida Heating & Air, we have been building lifelong relationships with our customers for over 30 years, and we have the knowledge and experience needed to get the job done. Our team of Gainesville HVAC experts use only top-notch material and equipment while performing all heating repair services in order to ensure that we do the very best job possible. We take pride in delivering our customers five-star heating repair services that guarantee the optimal functioning of your heating systems, and prevent potential system damages.

Gainesville Heating Repair

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Furnace Repair and Useful Initial Knowledge

If you need furnace repair, it’s a good idea to be knowledgeable about your home furnace before the contractor arrives. You certainly don’t have to be experts on the subject, but contractors will almost always ask residents some questions related to their furnaces, and it helps to have answers. These contractors should be able to work well enough and figure things out on their own without the answers to those questions in most cases, but it still makes a difference when you are able to offer some information about your household’s furnace.

Next time you need furnace repair, impress your contractor by knowing these important facts:

  • There are different types of furnaces: Furnaces are often defined according to the exact fuel that they use. Some houses have oil heating systems. Other furnaces primarily use natural gas or propane as fuel. Many modern furnaces use natural gas. However, people who have newer houses shouldn’t just assume that their systems use natural gas.
  • The age of the furnace matters: Some contractors will be able to estimate the age of a given furnace based on what kind of furnace it is, but this still won’t tell them the furnace’s exact age. Even a few years can make a difference when it comes to the age of a furnace.
  • The performance of the furnace over an extended period of time needs to be taken into account: The contractor will ask questions about when the problems with the furnace started. Try to describe how the problems began, when they began, and exactly what happened. If the contractor knows about how well the furnace has performed over the course of several months or years and what happened during that time period, it should be even easier for them to get a sense of the problem.

Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair

Many property owners are unaware of the warning signs that their heater is struggling. However, knowing the symptoms of a problem with your heating system can help you stay on top of small issues before they result in expensive repairs or a full replacement. If you notice any of the below symptoms, call our experienced heater repair service technicians for help. We will guide you throughout the repair process and will even be there for you after repairs are completed to answer any questions that arise.

Symptoms of a problem with your heater include:

  • Limited or no heat is coming from your vents
  • Strange sounds are coming from your heating appliances and ductwork
  • Strange smells are coming from your vents
  • Your blower runs constantly
  • Your furnace is making strange sounds
  • Your furnace comes on briefly but then shuts off
  • You smell gas, or the carbon monoxide detector goes off
  • There are hot and cold spots in your home
  • There has been an unexplained increase in your energy bills

    In addition to helping you with any repair issues, our team of HVAC experts can also help you establish a routine maintenance schedule through our Club Maintenance, a unique membership program that comes with priority service, discounted parts, and no emergency service fees.

    Things to Do Before You Call for Heating Repair

    Did you know that there are a few simple steps you can take before you call a repair technician? Below we have compiled a list of some things that you can do to try to see if the your heating system is something that can be restored with a quick fix. This can also help you determine what the problem is; however, we highly suggest that you contact an HVAC professional to get the situation inspected and repaired for you.

    Before you call our Gainesville heater repair team, you should:

    • Make sure your thermostat is in fact set to “heat.”
    • Check that the circuit breaker is on and that there are not any blown fuses.
    • Power is going to the furnace and all necessary switches are in the “on” position.
    • Clean the contacts if your thermostat is non-digital.
    • See if your filter has been changed recently and that air vents are open and not blocked.

      If, after running through this checklist, you find that your heater is still struggling or still won’t turn on, please call our HVAC repair team. We do offer 24/7 emergency services and can help you with any heater issue, big or small. We are proud to provide top-quality service to commercial and residential customers in Alachua County and the surrounding communities.

      To speak with a Gainesville heating repair expert at Mid-Florida Heating & Air,
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