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If you are experiencing headaches, dry eyes, nausea, extreme allergies, or excessive amounts of mold or dust in the home, contact Mid-Florida Heating & Air. We will be happy to send a certified comfort specialist to your home to evaluate your ductwork, HVAC system, and filtration methods. We have many satisfied customers who can attest to the fact that the quality of their lives has improved due to the clean air they are now breathing in their home.

As a bonus, duct sealing can dramatically improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. As much as 40% of an HVAC system's energy consumption can be wasted due to leaky ducts!

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Why Choose Mid-Fla Heating & Air to Care For Your Ducts?

We are Florida's experts in duct cleaning, filtration and sealing services. Our duct cleaning technicians have the right equipment for removing contaminants – without any risk of releasing them back into the air of your home. We can advise you on proper air filtration devices and ultra-violet wavelength transmitters that can prevent mold and fungus from developing. Our technicians are trained in a variety of duct sealing techniques, including the use of spray-in-duct sealants, like Aeroseal, that block leaks by building up a thin polymer coating inside duct joints.

How Does Duct Sealing Work?

Aeroseal is a patented breakthrough technology that tackles duct leaks from the inside out. The Aeroseal process puts escaping air under pressure and causes polymer particles to stick first to the edges of a leak, then to each other until the leak is completely sealed. 

Why Are Dirty Ducts Bad?

The interior surfaces of ducts sometimes collect dust. A thin film is normal – it will probably stay put for years. More than that, however, can be bad news for your indoor air quality. Ducts can be contaminated by air leaking into them from places like basements, crawl spaces and attics. Dust can also enter through air return grills, especially during messy home remodeling projects.

Some dust particles manage to pass through (or around) your furnace filter. Sometimes wall or floor cavities are used as ducts, instead of sheet metal or flexible ducting. In such cases, large quantities of dust can accumulate. In extreme cases, debris can be carried into ducts by insect pests or rodents.

Worse than dust is mold. Sometimes condensation leaks into or forms on ducts, creating a moist environment that can sustain the growth of mold. Mold spores are then circulated throughout the home, leading to respiratory problems for many people.

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