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At Mid-Florida Heating & Air, we understand the importance of a functioning air conditioner in Florida. The very last thing we ever want is for you and your family to be stuck in the heat with a broken unit, which is why our team is committed to offering the best AC services in Alachua. From small repairs to system replacements to routine maintenance to system upgrades, our team can handle your every air conditioning need to keep your family cool and comfortable all summer long.

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Air Conditioning Services

Air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance services for homeowners and business owners in Central Florida. Get comfortable and beat the heat with the help of our professional HVAC technicians.

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Mid-Florida HVAC Services in Alachua FAQ

Do I Need to Repair or Replace My AC?

If your AC is acting up, you are probably wondering whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. To help you make your decision, our Alachua AC service experts have outlined some of the most important factors to consider.

Consider the following questions when deciding whether to repair or replace your AC:

  • How old is your system? A properly maintained air conditioner will last between 10 and 15 years. If yours is nearing the end of its life expectancy, you might want to consider replacing it. If your system is under that 10-year mark and the problem you are experiencing isn’t too severe, a repair is probably the better option.
  • Is your home comfortable? If your airflow is weak or uneven, your AC never reaches the number set on the thermostat, and your home is generally uncomfortable, your AC is showing clear signs that it is not up to the task of keeping your home cool. In this case, a replacement is the best option.
  • How often does your system require repairs? If your system rarely, if ever, requires repairs, the problem at hand can probably be fixed with a repair. On the other hand, if you have paid for several costly repairs in the last few years, you might want to start considering an upgrade before your system crashes for good.
  • Is your system efficient? Older ACs tend to waste a ton of energy in an effort to keep your home comfortable. If your monthly energy bills are through the roof, your system is no longer efficient and you should start thinking about an upgrade.

The last thing you want is to discover that you are paying just as much in repairs in the span of a few years as you would to install a brand-new system. Reach out to Mid-Florida Heating & Air today for an accurate, reliable assessment of the condition of your system. Our highly trained professionals will carefully examine each component before offering you our honest opinion. Whether your system needs to be repaired or replaced, you can count on us to make the process easy as can be.

Benefits of A New AC Installation

Considering upgrading your existing unit with a new air conditioning installation? While there's an upfront cost associated with such a move, there are many benefits to getting a new AC installation for your home, comfort and pocketbook that might make some of the costs more worth it in the long run.

Some of the key benefits of a new AC installation:

  • Better system performance - If you've lost the cooling that you once grew so fond of, consult our Alachua AC installation experts today. Nothing cools quite like a new unit and we'll get you the indoor air comfort you've been missing.
  • Enhanced home comfort - All HVAC units will negatively impact your indoor air quality in some way over enough time. Whether it's dust or humidity, a new AC installation should give you pristine home comfort as long as it is well maintained.
  • Improved safety features - Not only is a new air conditioning installation going to be state of the art when it comes to safety features, but it'll be less likely negatively impact your indoor air quality or breakdown as well.
  • Increased energy efficiency - One of the perks of consulting our Alachua AC installation experts is saving off your utility bills each month. As HVAC units age they'll get less efficient so a new unit will not only save you money but will see to it that you have a lesser carbon footprint as well.
  • More control over your comfort - As new installations have had the opportunity to grow in terms of innovation, you'll access a new control to your indoor air environment older units couldn't possibly have provided.
  • Increase the value of your home - Not only will a state of the art AC installation brand your home as modern, but environmentally friendly as well which young homeowners are growing more and more interested in.

We understand that upgrading your air conditioner might seem like an overwhelming task, but we make the process as smooth as can be. And, as a leader in the HVAC industry, we have access to the highest-performing, most energy-efficient equipment on the market. Our Alachua AC installation pros are here to work closely with you to understand your comfort needs before selecting and installing the perfect system for your family and home.

Signs You Need AC Repair

Your AC is responsible for keeping your family cool and comfortable. When your system starts acting up, it is a good idea to schedule a repair as soon as possible so you can avoid a full system breakdown.

Signs that you need to schedule AC repair in Alachua include:

  • Your AC is blowing hot air - First check that your air filter isn't too dirty to obstruct proper airflow. If that's not the case call us to check that your evaporator coil doesn't need a cleaning.
  • Your outside unit is leaking - Leaks occur in the drain pan or the condensate line and they can be patched rather easily. In dire circumstances we might need to replace the part but that's not too pricey.
  • There is a lot of dust in your home - An HVAC unit that's not at 100% might negatively impact your indoor air quality. Look out for dust or also excess humidity is a possibility as well.
  • Your airflow is weak - Weaker airflow is usually the result of a leak in your ducts. If you have no airflow it could be your blower fan that's malfunctioning.
  • Your AC is making weird sounds - Not all sounds mean the same thing so call in our Alachua AC repair techs to inspect your unit if they're any new sounds.
  • Your air smells funky - As cooling air requires a bit of condensation, there can sometimes be excess water that leads to mold or mildew growth in or around your unit. If you smell something burning coming from your ducts call in our AC repair team.
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Chris Cook and Kathy were totally awesome. My AC was not cooling and of course it was after hours. Chris came out and started the ball rolling in a very bad problem. My coils were leaking. Both Kathy and Chris worked to obtain the part from the manufacturer which was the only one in the us. Kathy called to assure my system was keeping it a reasonable temperature. They also assisted me with financial issues. They are both five star plus employees. Mid Florida heating and air is without a doubt a top company. And these are two top employees. Kally S.
I have been a customer of Mid Florida Heating and Air for several years and have always found their technicians to be knowledgeable and efficient in their job. Recently serviced my two units (an inside unit as well as a mini split on my lanai) and was very thorough and efficient in cleaning and looking for problems with my system that might result in future breakdowns. I highly recommend Mid Fla Htg & Air for any heating and air conditioning concerns. Cindy J.
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