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Zoned HVAC Explained


Central heating and air conditioning is one of the great modern inventions that makes living in Central Florida tolerable in the thick heat of summer. (Can you imagine living without it?)

But with this manufactured comfort comes one drawback: A central heating and cooling system is designed to deliver consistent temperature throughout the home. So, what might be too cool for one person is too warm for another. This had led to endless squabbling over the thermostat.

Now, there’s a better way.

What is HVAC Zoning?

An HVAZ zoning system uses a series of dampers in the ductwork to divert air where it’s needed, eliminating hot spots and targeting spaces for custom comfort. One room can be 68° while another can be 72°. Even the guest bedroom can be 78°. Alternatively, you can have an HVAC professional install multiple ductless mini-splits to achieve similar functionality.

Most people divide their homes into two zones: upstairs and downstairs. It’s almost always hotter upstairs in the summer, so this configuration delivers even temperatures between the two floors. However, your home can have multiple zones, each room with its own thermostat, allowing the occupants to tailor their temperatures. Finally, everyone is comfortable.

What are the Benefits of Zoned Temperature Control?

The benefits of HVAC zoning go beyond comfort. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that you can slash your heating and cooling costs by as much as 30% by directing conditioned air where you need it. For example, if the ground floor is where much of the activity occurs during the day, you can adjust the upstairs zones to save energy.

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