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Tips to Prevent Air Leaks in Your Home

Indoor Air Quality

Tips to Prevent Air Leaks in Your Home

If your home is prone to air leaks, there’s no doubt that you’re wasting money every day on HVAC costs. Without a properly insulated home, cool air can escape, causing your AC to work harder and expend more energy.

So how can you tell that air is leaking out of your home, and what can be done about it? Check out our tips below to fix this problem and improve your home comfort.

Examine Ductwork

The first thing to do if you feel your HVAC system is running overtime is to examine your ductwork for breaks or cracks. Any air that is released can cause your system to work harder and will make it more difficult to reach your desired temperature.

Plus, regular duct cleanings will ensure your home’s air quality is healthy and any problems are dealt with.

Seal Doors & Windows

Air will often escape through cracks beside doors and windows. You can use caulking to reseal the areas around the door and windows so they do not leak any air. If it’s really bad, you may need to reseat your window or get a new door.

For extra protection from losing air, apply weatherstripping. This material is available in most home stores and sticks to your window frame with an adhesive.

Watch Connection Points

You also need to make sure anything running in or out of your home is sealed properly. You should also make sure your home structure is sealed properly and there are no breaks around your foundation or roof.

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Indoor Air Quality

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