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The Importance of AC Maintenance

Air Conditioning

Checkups, tune-ups, and regular maintenance keep everything running efficiently. People, cars, and even your air conditioning system work best when regular maintenance is part of the routine. For people, this means regular visits to the doctor and dentist, or even relaxing vacations to decompress, while car maintenance includes more frequent scheduled services, such as oil changes and tire rotation. Your air conditioner requires some annual TLC (tender love and care) as well to maintain a comfortable environment for your home during the warm season, which in Florida, is most of the year.

What Causes a Reduction in AC Efficiency?

It might seem like a sudden occurrence when your air conditioner breaks down, but for systems that were installed correctly, there are usually problems that have worn the system down over time. Air conditioning filters collect dust quite easily, and if they are not cleaned or replaced regularly, clogs can obstruct proper airflow and carry particles to your system’s internal coils, prohibiting proper cooling function. Even with clean filters, air conditioner coils inevitably collect dust and dirt over time, and this excess dirt can insulate the coil and prevent it from absorbing heat properly. Lastly, drains that collect condensation can become clogged or ruptured, leading to inefficient draining that causes a buildup of moisture in the unit.

Why is Continued Maintenance Important?

For homeowners, some signs that it’s time for maintenance are very visible, such as dirty filters and a leaking air conditioning unit. But some problems exist out of sight or somewhere within the system that only a professional HVAC technician can access and identify. Issues within your air conditioning unit can seriously impact system performance and ultimately lead to increased utility costs due to system inefficiency and ultimately, a broken unit.


If you’re a homeowner in Alachua County, contact Mid-Florida Heating & Air today to schedule an appointment for air conditioning maintenance. We are the top choice for quality HVAC service, and we are available for you around the clock, 24/7! Our experienced technicians can repair your HVAC system and perform other services, like home energy audits and indoor air quality checks, to make sure your home’s systems are all functioning efficiently, promoting comfort and saving you money. We even offer an annual club membership that makes routine maintenance easy and cost-effective!

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