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Sweaty Walls: Managing Excess Humidity


Are Your Walls Sweating?

You've got excess humidity inside your home. This level of moisture will allow mold to grow and can damage your furnishings. Let's look at some ways you can manage this excess humidity.

How Can You Manage Humidity Inside Your Home?

Here are four methods for lowering the humidity in your home:

  • Use exhaust fans. Your kitchen and bathrooms likely have exhaust fans. In the kitchen, the exhaust fan can draw out moisture and smoke from the cooking process. The fan in the bathroom can pull out the humidity caused by taking hot showers and baths.
  • Run the air conditioner. Air conditioners draw heat out of the air inside of your home. In this process, excess moisture accumulates on the exchanger coils. It then drips down to the condensate pan and drains out of the house. Running an efficient A/C can lower humidity levels considerably.
  • Turn on ceiling fans. When you turn on a ceiling fan, it helps to dispel moisture that's sitting in the still air. It will help make you feel cooler as the breeze hits your skin. Plus, it will help prevent moisture from gathering on the walls and windows.
  • Take cooler, shorter showers. Hot water translates to higher humidity levels. By using more cold water in the shower, you will create less humidity. Taking a shorter shower creates even less.
  • Plug air leaks. Hot Florida humidity can get inside your home through gaps and cracks around windows and doors. You can use spray foam insulation, caulk, and weather-stripping to plug most of these air leaks. Remember to check around vents and pipes that come into the house.

In many cases, these simple steps will help you eliminate sweaty walls in your home. However, in some cases, it won't be enough.

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What If You Can't Control the Humidity?

If you cannot get the humidity level down, it's time to bring in an HVAC professional. The "V" in HVAC stands for ventilation. These professionals can offer effective solutions that will get that humidity out of the house. A likely suggestion will be a whole-house dehumidifier. This device draws moisture out of the air, making it drier than before.

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