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How to Optimize Your AC Use This Summer

Air Conditioning

Get the Most Out of Your AC

Florida has no shortage of warm weather, and we’ve all gotten accustomed to life with air conditioning. But why make your system work harder than it needs to? That only increases energy use, the chance of needing a repair, and reduces the lifespan of your unit — all things that cost you more money.

We put together some simple tips to help improve the performance of your AC, saving you headaches and money down the road.

Open Up Airflow

What good is cool air if it can’t travel around your home? Proper airflow allows your AC to get the job done in an efficient way and keeps you cool all day long.

Start by clearing the space around your air vents. When the vents are blocked, it hinders cool air from getting into your living space, which slows down the rate at which your home cools down and makes your AC run more. It can also make your home cool unevenly, which means your bedroom may be at the right temperature while your living room is too warm.

While you’re clearing the space around your vents, run a vacuum over them to remove dust and any other particles that may have collected. This helps improve your indoor air quality and airflow.

Also, take some time to inspect your outdoor unit (the condenser), cutting back any trees or bushes that may be hanging over the side. If debris gets inside the unit, it can reduce efficiency or even cause damage. Cutting back any plants will help reduce the risk to your outdoor unit.

Change Your Filters

Another way to improve airflow (which deserves its own mention) is by replacing your air filters. Dirty filters cause a myriad of problems, including reduced efficiency, poor air quality, and increased energy costs. When dust and debris build up in the filter, it reduces the ability of clean air to pass through, making your system work harder.

Replace your filters every 30-60 days depending on use and whether or not you have allergies. Poor air quality from dirty filters can exacerbate allergy symptoms.

Ensure Your Home is Insulated

You have nice, cool air circulating around your home — now you need to keep it there! A well-insulated home ensures the cool air your AC provides stays inside. Air loss, as a result of poor insulation or leaking ducts, can drive up your energy costs and reduce home comfort.

Repair any cracks or openings around doors and windows, and consider using weatherstripping to create a tight seal. You can also update to modern windows and doors that are built with energy-saving insulation material.

Manage the Thermostat

The thermostat is the epicenter of home comfort, controlling the temperature of both your cool and warm air. If you come home to a warm house, it can be tempting to lower the temperature on your thermostat so the home cools quickly, but this doesn’t actually work as well as you’d think. Leaving the thermostat within a few degrees of your optimal temperature makes it much easier to work with.

If you’re heading out for the day, you can turn up the thermostat so the AC doesn’t run as much, then lower it again when you get home. A smart thermostat is a great upgrade to make this process even easier. The smart thermostat allows you to program your home’s temperature from your smartphone or computer. It can even learn patterns and take some of the work off your plate.

AC Support All Summer

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