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How to Clean Your Window AC Unit


Cleaning a Window AC

You may have your home or apartment powered by window AC units, you’re using a unit temporarily, or you have one in an extra room. No matter the situation, and just like central air conditioners, window units need maintenance and regular care in order to continue working properly.

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to clean out your unit when getting ready for peak season.

Get Prepared

Before starting your task, be informed of what you’ll need to do and what tools are required.

First, gather your tools. Get some soapy water and a cloth rag. If you have one, get a hand vacuum or the hose attachment from your regular machine. You may want to clear the area around the unit or lay a drop cloth to prevent dirt and debris from spreading. You’ll also need a screwdriver to take apart pieces of the unit.

The Process

You’ll want to move in sections, starting with the outside. Wipe down the grill, the buttons, the kobs, and the entire exterior. Remove the cover and work on the inside. Use the vacuum to suck up any built-up dust or debris. Finish it off by wiping it down with a cloth.

When dust builds up, it hinders the unit from performing its task properly. When dusty, the unit will work harder, costing you more money than necessary on your energy bill.

The Filter

If you do nothing else to your AC unit, change or clean the filter. If the filter is disposable, replace it with a clean, correctly-sized new one. Most of the dust and debris that travels through your AC will collect in the filter. As it collects, it creates a smaller area for air to flow, reducing the efficiency of the unit. This means it will run longer, and you won’t even be getting as cool as you would if it were clean.

Clean out your filter every 30 to 90 days depending on how much the unit is used.

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