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Hidden HVAC Costs to Be Aware Of


Hidden HVAC Costs

There’s more than just repair, installation, and energy costs to consider when it comes to operating a home HVAC system. An HVAC system is a complex part of your home comfort and has other costs that you should make sure you’ve budgeted.

As much as we try to prepare, expenses will sneak up on us, but here are some things you can be aware of so it’s not a surprise when it comes along.

New Filters

Operating an air conditioner or furnace means you’ll need to replace air filters every 30 to 90 days. The actual frequency will depend on the quality of filter you use, how much your system is on, and the air quality around your home.

Air filters are inexpensive and can actually save you money when frequently cycled. The higher quality the filter is, the more expensive it will be, but you’ll also get better indoor air quality. You can try different filters to see which works best for you.


When the thermostat clicks on and you start feeling the air blow into your home, you probably aren’t thinking about the path it takes to get there. But your ductwork is a hidden system of tubes that guide the air to vents around your home. Over time, ductwork may fill with debris, especially if you don’t use clean air filters. Also, your ducts may experience damage or need to be repaired.

Electrical Upgrades

Air conditioners and furnaces use a lot of energy. You may need to upgrade your electrical capacity in order to adequately and safely operate your HVAC systems. This may entail adding a dedicated circuit, running wires, and other changes in order for the system to work properly. Always consult with a professional if you need to replace, upgrade, or change your HVAC system.

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