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Does Your Air Conditioner Need Refrigerant?

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Many HVAC problems are a result of obstruction or irregular maintenance, but sometimes the problems can be the chemicals inside of your unit. If you’ve noticed that something is stopping your house from cooling down like it used to, you might be low on refrigerant.

How Does Refrigerant Work?

Refrigerant is a chemical that pulls in the heat from your home’s air so that it can be released outside. Air conditioners work best when they circulate air throughout a space, pour cold air in, and pull hot air out. Without all of those changes working together, your unit will overwork itself to try and correct the deficiency which can cause a drastically high energy bill, a poorly cooled house, or both.

Signs Your AC is Low on Refrigerant

The most frequently noticed sign of low refrigerant is that your house just isn’t getting cooler. No matter how much you lower the thermostat, the temperature stays constant or rises as hot air stays trapped inside. If you notice this, hold your hand up close to a vent and check directly for any sign of cool air. If you feel air blowing against your palm but it isn’t cool, you need to contact a technician to inspect your refrigerant levels and perform a tune-up. Another sign might be that the refrigerant line is icing over. If you open your air conditioner and notice a build-up of ice, the problem needs to be solved before the overly cool chemical can cause damage to the compressor.

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