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Avoiding Common AC Issues 101


During the summer months, your AC unit can work its hardest, possibly resulting in overuse. All of that effort can cause your AC to stop working correctly, and leave you and your family sweltering in the August heat. 

If you're dealing with air conditioning problems, check out these tips for keeping things cool all season long. We'll also discuss when it's finally time to contact the professionals. No matter the issue, if it persists, we recommend calling a certified technician for backup! 

Here are a few tips to avoid an overworked AC unit, along with some possible causes, simple fixes, and advice. 

Change Dirty Air Filters

The more your air conditioning unit runs, the dirtier your air filter will become. With rising temperatures in Florida, it’s important to stay on top of replacing your air filters. If not, your system could run slower and produce warm air instead of cooling your home. We recommend changing your air filter every 90 days, but there are several other factors you should consider. For example, if you have multiple pets or struggle with allergies, you may want to change your air filters more frequently. 

Watch for Frozen AC Coils

If your AC unit is blowing hot air and the coils are covered in ice, your AC unit is probably frozen. To unfreeze your unit, begin by turning the thermostat from “cool” to “off”. This will ensure your unit’s compressor, which manually cools your home, is safe from the cold refrigerant. Then, turn the fan setting to “on'' to dethaw the frozen AC coils. While you wait for your unit to unfreeze, check that your air filters are clean to promote clean air production in your home. 

A frozen system is a common problem after overuse, and even after you unfreeze the unit, you will still want to contact a professional. Your unit is freezing for an unknown reason beyond overuse and a qualified technician will be able to diagnose the hidden problem.

Make Note of Higher Than Usual Energy Bill

If you’ve noticed your energy bill skyrocketing during the summer months, your AC unit may be broken. While a small increase in your energy bill for the warmer months isn’t uncommon, you shouldn’t be facing anything astronomical. A high energy bill may represent unresolved maintenance issues, like a faulty thermostat. We recommend calling a professional technician to inspect your AC unit so that your energy bills come back down to Earth. 

Don’t Change Thermostat Temperature Often

If you find yourself constantly going to the thermostat to crank down the air, you may have an AC unit problem on your hands. It can be tempting during the summer months to lower your house temperature drastically, but if your AC unit is functioning properly, you shouldn’t have to. Your system should be able to regulate the temperature inside the home after setting it once to keep your home comfortable. If your unit can’t keep up the cooling, call in a professional for backup. 

Check For Hot Air

This may seem obvious, but if your air conditioner system is blowing out warm air, you should call a professional. Even with Florida’s blistering heat, your AC unit should be able to maintain a cool, comfortable temperature for your home. If you’re feeling hot and sticky in your own home, your unit may be low on refrigerant, the substance that keeps your unit cool.

To check the refrigerant levels, check for coolant forming into frost on parts of the unit. Another sign of low refrigerant is a hissing sound coming from the unit. If you notice any of these signs and your AC unit blows hot air, your refrigerant levels are most likely too low and you should contact a professional for help. 

Listen for Any Unusual Noises

A loud AC unit can disrupt your home and be a sign of AC malfunction. If your AC unit is making a high-pitched noise, a faulty motor or belt could be the problem. We recommend adding some oil to these parts to keep them running smoothly. If it sounds like the fan is hitting something in the unit, check for debris, like leaves or twigs, that may have fallen into the unit. If your unit continues to make noises, such as loud rattling, turn off your AC unit. An extremely loud noise can reflect a poorly functioning blower or motor, so to avoid further damage, call a technician for an inspection. 

Beat the Heat with Regular AC Maintenance

Beat the heat and with regular AC maintenance. By scheduling regular maintenance before the August heat, you can avoid any problems when your air conditioner is working the hardest. At Mid-Florida Heating & Air, we have been repairing AC units for over 40 years, so you can be confident that the job will be done right. 

Stay Cool with Mid-Florida Heating & Air

Save yourself from costly repairs with regular AC maintenance! Our team analyzes all aspects of your system to keep your unit in tip-top shape for the Florida heat. Call us at 352-744-7869 or contact us online to schedule regular maintenance today!

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