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Are Energy Audits Worth It? How to Save Money This Summer

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While it may seem far away, the warm weather in Florida will be here before we know it. Temperatures will likely creep back up to 90 degrees by early April, and many Floridians will welcome the return of sunshine. As you prepare for a summer full of beach trips, backyard barbecues, and sizzling heat, you may wonder if there’s a possibility you can save money while running your air conditioning 24/7.

We have good news for you. You can save money with home energy audits this summer—and beyond. Discover all you need to know about energy audits and more from the Mid-Florida Heating & Air team.

What Is a Home Energy Audit?

A home energy audit comprehensively evaluates your home’s energy usage. An energy expert will inspect every part of your house during a home energy audit to discover where your home’s major systems may be compromised. You can express concerns about specific areas or rooms of your home that may not cool properly or seem too cold. 

During your home energy audit, your technician will: 

  • Complete a comprehensive report on the state and efficiency of your home systems, like your air conditioning, water heating, ventilation, lighting, and more 
  • Evaluate your insulation and ducts for any air leakage
  • Explain recommendations for improving your home’s energy efficiency, prioritizing the most critical fixes 
  • Provide free, fair, and transparent estimations for all home energy recommendations

Why Should a Homeowner Hire an Energy Auditor?

If you’d like to save money, we recommend hiring an energy auditor. Various systems impact your house’s energy efficiency, like light fixtures, HVAC units, appliances, and more. A Building Performance Institute (BPI)-qualified technician can evaluate each of these factors and create an energy- and money-saving strategy for your home. In fact, home energy audits can save you anywhere from 5-30% on your annual energy bills. 

Are Energy Audits Worth It?

Absolutely! As the summer heat approaches, now is the perfect time to evaluate your home’s energy usage. With a home energy audit, you can get a significant return on your energy-efficient upgrades, allowing you to splurge big on your most-wanted summer purchase. At Mid-Florida Heating & Air, we make sure it’s worth it for our customers. We offer free energy audits at Mid-Florida Air & Heating so that you can beat the summer heat!

How Should I Prepare for a Home Energy Audit?

During an inspection, a technician will assess every room in your home, including the hard-to-reach spots, like the attic, crawl space, and basement. We recommend you move any furniture or other obstructions from these spaces so your technician can easily access them. Additionally, we recommend having your past electric bills handy, since your energy expert may want to use them as a reference. Most HVAC professionals will turn off your heating and cooling systems during your inspection, so you may want to give your family a heads-up. 

Schedule Your Free Energy Audit Before Warmer Weather

At Mid-Florida Heating & Air, home energy audits are a no-brainer! Each energy audit includes a comprehensive report of your usage and your expected savings when you become more energy-efficient. With an audit, you can save money, boost your home’s efficiency, and improve the lifespan of your HVAC systems. Don’t let the summer heat get the best of you—schedule your free home energy audit today!

Save Money with Mid-Florida Heating & Air in Gainesville, FL

Schedule your free home energy audit today! Our team analyzes all aspects of your energy usage to save money in the Florida heat. Call us at 352-744-7869 or contact us online to book your complimentary energy audit!

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