How Weather Changes Can Increase Your Utility Bill

Florida may not have the temperature swings seen in the Northeast, but the various seasons do bring on significant changes that are noticeable. You might turn on your furnace for a bit during the winter and rely heavily on the AC during humid summers. Be aware of your utility bill during the changing seasons, however. These weather changes can increase your energy usage when inefficiencies are present in your HVAC system.

Neglecting the Air Filter

When hot days are the norm, your utility bill will probably rise with a neglected air filter. Be sure to clean or replace the HVAC unit's filter on a frequent basis. It will look obviously clogged after running for a few months, depending on the model. Clogged filters force the system to work hard, which leads to expensive utility bills. The filter is normally easy to reach for a quick look every few weeks.

Improper Installing or Forgoing Insulation Installation

One of the biggest inefficiencies in any household is the insulation. It may not be properly rated for your region, or it's missing entirely. Professionals can evaluate the home, such as the attic, to come up with a plan to update the insulation. Keeping the conditioned air in the home is the goal. Proper insulation performs this job whether it's winter or summer.

Skipping the AC Recharge

As you pass by an AC vent, it's an automatic reaction to turn up the system if you feel warm air. However, you're just wasting energy by making the system work harder than necessary. Be sure to ask HVAC professionals to recharge the components. By adding coolant and checking for leaks, the system runs with as much efficiency as possible.

Allowing Dust to Settle

Whether you're running the furnace or AC unit, allowing the interior components to remain covered in dust will impact the system's efficiency. Dust creates a layer on the parts, which reduces their ability to emanate heat. The system runs hotter than designed, so the parts will work extra hard. The parts pull additional energy from the electrical panel as a result. Keeping the system's internal components relatively clean will prevent this scenario.

Contact the professionals if you notice a significant difference in your utility bills. There's a solid reason and solution to this scenario. Regular service on your HVAC system will reduce energy usage and give it a prolonged life. A professional evaluation provides a clear view of the problem.