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Free Home Energy Audits
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Free Home Energy Audits in Gainesville

Free Home Energy Audits in Gainesville

At Mid-Florida Heating & Air, we understand that no one wants to pay more for electricity and fuel than necessary. This is why we have set up an energy audit department specifically designed to help homeowners reduce their energy usage.

Our Building Performance Institute (BPI)-qualified technicians will conduct a thorough examination of energy usage in your home. We’ll listen to your concerns about rooms that are too hot or drafty. We’ll also check things like your HVAC system’s efficiency, air leakage at windows and doors, and whether your wiring is wasting electricity. Every audit will include an estimate of how much you can expect to save, allowing you to figure out the return on your energy investment.

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We're Energy Experts

Mid-Florida Heating & Air has teamed with the Building Performance Institute or BPI to ensure that our energy analysts are current with energy-saving techniques and products. Individuals that have been trained, tested and certified to BPI’s nationally recognized standards use the house-as-a-system approach to improving the performance of existing homes—an approach proven to reduce our homeowners’ annual utility bills by as much as 20 percent or more.

Chris Cook and Kathy were totally awesome. My AC was not cooling and of course it was after hours. Chris came out and started the ball rolling in a very bad problem. My coils were leaking. Both Kathy and Chris worked to obtain the part from the manufacturer which was the only one in the us. Kathy called to assure my system was keeping it a reasonable temperature. They also assisted me with financial issues. They are both five star plus employees. Mid Florida heating and air is without a doubt a top company. And these are two top employees. Kally S.
I have been a customer of Mid Florida Heating and Air for several years and have always found their technicians to be knowledgeable and efficient in their job. Recently serviced my two units (an inside unit as well as a mini split on my lanai) and was very thorough and efficient in cleaning and looking for problems with my system that might result in future breakdowns. I highly recommend Mid Fla Htg & Air for any heating and air conditioning concerns. Cindy J.
We're Energy Experts

One Call Does It All

When you have a complete energy audit by Mid-Florida Heating & Air, you'll know exactly how your house is using and wasting energy and exactly what improvements should be done, and in what order. You'll be protected from “single-solution” contractors who promise to solve all your comfort and energy problems with a single upgrade, such as a new furnace, new windows, or an attic radiant barrier. As your trusted techs, we complete the improvements and upgrades you select in a timely, non-disruptive manner. You won't need to deal with multiple contractors to perform the work.

What to Expect

Mid-Florida Heating & Air is committed to providing you the most comprehensive and detailed home energy audit. The coverage of this service includes:

  • A report on the condition and efficiency of all major systems, including air conditioning, water heating, space heating, heat distribution, ventilation, and lighting.
  • A report on existing insulation and air leakage levels throughout the house.
  • Prioritized and detailed recommendations on what improvements to make.
  • Caution about unrealistic energy-saving claims.
  • Free estimates for all recommended improvements.

The reality is that your home’s heat, cooling and ventilation systems interact with your home’s insulation levels, your appliance choices, and even your lighting fixtures. A comprehensive analysis helps us develop a simple, energy-saving strategy for your home.

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Home Energy Audits FAQ

What are the benefits of a home energy audit?

With a professional audit from a team of experts, you will receive solutions for any of your home’s humidity or ventilation problems. Our team will also offer suggestions that will lead to better energy-efficiency, reduce costs of utilities, and longer lifespan of your HVAC systems.

How do I prepare for a home energy audit?

Since we will inspect every room in your home, including attic and crawl spaces, you will want to ensure that these spaces are accessible. You may want to take your pets and family out of the home, since your HVAC unit will be turned off during inspection. Additionally, we may look at previous utility bills to analyze energy consumption and make recommendations.

Can you help make our home more energy-efficient after the audit?

Yes! From audits to new installations and repairs, we’re a one-stop-shop for improving your home’s energy usage. Schedule a consultation with our team today!

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