Ronnie M. Commercial Project Manager

Ocala, Florida

Ronnie joined the Mid-Fla Heating & Air team in 2013 and worked his way to the commercial project manager. Ronnie worked for pc automake controls in El Paso, Texas and implemented a new maintenance program which grew to a $5 million dollar annual revenue company over a five year time span before moving back to Florida in 2013.

Certifications and degrees include a BA in business, lead certification, energy pro certification, led lighting certifications.

Ronnie’s day to day position requires calling on new and existing customers to help reduce operating costs by installing new energy efficient equipment. He also is involved with businesses with maintenance programs to allow longevity and better efficiency to the existing ac equipment being used. He informs businesses about the importance of indoor air quality. He does estimating of new projects, including new construction and retrofits.

The best things Ronnie likes about his job, is that it’s never the same. Always changing and he has an overall goal in helping business owners reduce owning and operating costs. Ronnie enjoys working for Mid-Fla Heating & Air because of their moral practices and belief in people. He loves helping customers get results and savings.

In his spare time Ronnie enjoys flying, CrossFit, fishing and spending time with his family.

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