Charlie C. Senior Technician

Bronson, Florida

Charlie joined the Mid-Fla Heating & Air family over ten years ago, in 2007. Charlie started in the Installation Department and has worked his way up to a Senior Technician. Charlie specializes in trouble shooting service work and the maintenance of the central air system. He also works with the Installation Department on more sophisticated jobs, including commercial installs, electrical led upgrades and generator installations. Charlie excels at educating homeowners about the central air system, and the repair vs replacement program.

Charlie's certifications include: EPA Certification, Aero Seal Certification, TRAC-Pipe Certified, Greenspeed Extreme Completion, VRF Technician, Repair VS Replacement Program & Indoor Air Quality Training. He continues to excel in the education of the HVAC equipment and indoor air quality daily.

Charlie's day to day tasks include performing professional maintenance cleanings and safety inspections of the central heating and air conditioning equipment. Charlie performs trouble shooting service calls and repairing HVAC equipment, educating homeowners on indoor air quality solutions and energy efficiency for the home, repair verses replacement. He enjoys meeting new customers on a daily basis and the challenge of more complex troubleshooting. He loves making homeowners happy.

Charlie really enjoys and loves, fishing, and spending time with his daughters.

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